This report from the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and Pagefreezer examines how in-house legal teams are dealing with modern data sources like meeting apps, collaboration tools, social media, and text messaging. It identifies key challenges and reveals how teams are currently attempting to address them.

Despite increasing reliance on online platforms like Slack, Teams, Facebook, Zoom, and WhatsApp for both internal and external communications, many companies have been slow to implement formal practices for the retention and preservation of online data.

This report surveyed 211 in-house counsels across 23 industries and 22 countries. The results are fascinating and reveal important quantitative insights into the current maturity level of Information Governance (IG) programs, as well as the extent to which legal departments are prepared for the eDiscovery processes involved in potential litigation.

This report examines:

  • The data sources giving legal teams the biggest headaches 
  • Information governance maturity levels across organizations
  • The most popular current strategies for retention and preservation of online ESI
  • Strategy differences between small, medium, and large organizations
  • Actionable advice from industry professionals

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