Chat Platforms & Collaboration Tools...the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


If you plan on using internal social media networks like SalesForce Chatter or Workplace by Facebook in your organization, you might be forseeing the benefits of improved engagement and decision making, but what are the risks?

To help you avoid the costs of damaging lawsuits for content stored in private chats, groups and documents, this webinar presented by PageFreezer explores areas of potential risk and offers actionable tips on:

  • Evaluating internal social media policies
  • Using tools to effectively monitor employee conversations
  • Complying with your industry record-keeping regulations
  • Using technology to automatically create authenticated records of internal activity

Whether you work in HR, IT, Compliance or Legal Departments, there's something everyone can learn to help protect your company from lawsuits, non-compliance fines and a damaged reputation. 

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